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Business Capital and Personal Funding

Save yourself from some of the extra red tape, paperwork, and requirements from traditional banks. On average we can get our clients up to 5X more in upfront cash than they can on their own from one financial institution.

Our platform offers easy funding solutions for any purpose. We offer from $10,000 up to $400,000 within 5-7 Business days and have a 99% approval rate for accounts that qualify. Having a 650 credit score, and $27,000 annual income gets your foot in the door.

Looking for more than funding? Ask about our AirBnB, FixnFlip, and Neighborhood Rehab Earn & Learn Mentorship programs.

Let us help you find your deals!

Text “Funding” to 254-223-1512

Any Purpose Unsecured Funding up to $400,000. Apr as low as 5%, Payoff terms as long as 7 years. No collateral, no down payment, no appraisals, and absolutely no prepayment penalties.

We do not touch your credit score unless you accept an offer.

The Golden Oak in coordination with Legacy Leavers and Iconic Funding

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